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Athletics Products

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High impact flooring

Athletic flooring is meant to facilitate physical training and accommodate heavy equipment, so it must be suitable for high-impact activities and withstand great weight.


Rubber high-impact flooring is specially engineered to absorb shock, hold up to extreme pounding and repeated battering, and protect athletes’ joints during high-intensity movements. Rubber athletic flooring comes in tiles, rolls, or mats.

When purchasing athletic flooring, some aspects to consider include; the size and shape of the flooring area, the amount of traffic you expect in your fitness center, the type of installation you prefer—permanent or portable—the maintenance you can provide, the sound abatement qualities, your aesthetic preferences, and your budget. 


Direct Flooring Deals can assist you in determining what type, thickness, and style of rubber flooring are most appropriate for your project.

Durable, Scratch Resistant, and Easy to Clean

It never hurts to start off a few steps ahead. We have floors that perform for you.


A floor's ability to endure the stress of heavy equipment and daily foot traffic is essential in many environments. This is crucial for the next few decades as well as today and tomorrow.

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