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Corridor Carpet

Corridor 6
Elevate Your Space

Building corridors or hallways often sets the feel and tone for the structure. Luxury condominiums, apartments, offices or hotels can make a brand, or theme statement through their corridor carpets. Details matter. At Direct Flooring Deals we supply an endless array of options for choosing your corridor carpets.

Quality and durability are paramount for corridor carpets, which receive a constant heavy load of foot traffic.  Seasonal considerations like snow, salt, mud and sand can be a concern. At Direct Flooring Deals we work with industry-leading suppliers that have the best solutions for your every need. 

We offer many off-the-shelf design patterns that are produced using state-of-the-art technology and superior yarns. Another option available via our suppliers is the complete customization of corridor carpets. If you have a vision, we can produce a carpet that truly embraces your image or brand. Let our expertise work for you.

Personalized Flooring Solutions

We pride ourselves on our professional, sincere, and friendly approach to making your new project a reality. Book your in-person appointment, and one of our flooring experts will bring samples to your property, help you choose a floor you'll love, measure your space, and give you a free quote there and then.

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