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Vinyl Flooring

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The most resilient flooring? Versatile Vinyl Plank & Tile

You're looking for options to replace that worn-out, outdated flooring. Maybe hardwood flooring is not a solution because it is scratch-prone and ceramic tile flooring is not the best option because it can crack and is cold and hard. You are concerned that laminate flooring isn't the best choice in areas where moisture can be a problem.


  • Vinyl Plank & Tile, or Resilient flooring as it is also called, is a fashionable, high-tech flooring offering superior advantages to our style, quality, and budget-conscious customers.

  • There have been amazing advancements in resilient flooring in quality, design and durability.

  • Collections of wood tones in plank form and earthy stone details in tiles exude remarkable realism through recent advances in technology, imaging, and texturing.

  • Oh, and did we say the resilient flooring is waterproof!

  • Both our residential and commercial customers are opening their eyes to Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile, the hottest product segment in flooring.

Are you in the middle of a renovation?

We have a massive selection of IN-STOCK carpet, laminate flooring, and vinyl flooring specials for you!

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