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Stair Runners

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Non-Slip & Stylish

A stair runner is a length of carpet that doesn’t completely cover the stairs. It goes up the center for the full length of the staircase. Carpet stair runners have grown in popularity since they are not only highly fashionable but also offer a lot of advantages to homeowners.


The greatest carpet stair runners are stylish, comfortable, and noise-absorbing. However, safety may be the most important feature given that hard flooring is slick and there is always a danger of a slip and fall. This is especially important for kids, the elderly, and animals who have trouble moving around without assistance. Carpet stair runners give you a better grip and cushion for your steps, reducing the danger of slipping mishaps.


Regardless of how irregularly shaped the stairs may be, custom carpet stair runners can be installed. They can also bend with the stairway and landing. By including a border, you may further customize your stair runners. To match the décor of your room, a variety of border colours, materials, and textures are available.


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