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Carpet Broadloom

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Full-service carpet broadloom at the best prices

Direct Flooring Deals has provided full-service commercial broadloom solutions for Retail Locations, Commercial and Business Properties, Offices, Restaurants, Daycares and Places of Worship. 


We work with major flooring manufacturers to secure the best prices possible for our clients with larger flooring projects. Do you want your floor to make a statement? Then we have the selection of carpet, carpet tiles and vinyl flooring for you!

We have top-quality carpet ideal for high-traffic office or retail spaces. Shaw, Mannington, Tarkett, Mohawk, and Interface, we supply and install all the popular brands. Our years of experience working with Property Management staff enable us to facilitate smoother delivery and installations for you.


Our commercial carpet lines feature leading-edge technology with a “Zipper-Lock” loop and “Technituft” features. Enjoy our selection of manufacturers whose carpets provide superior stain, colourfast and texture retention qualities.

The show must go on!

We know that when running a business it can be tricky to schedule. So our experienced staff will arrange for your installation at a time that is convenient for you!

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