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Commerical Vinyl Tile & Plank

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Design Freedom with Endless Possibilities

Our customers have new design options for commercial flooring with commercial-grade luxury vinyl tile and plank. LVT and LVP feature looks inspired by the natural beauty of wood or the character of stone to unique abstract patterns and is available in a variety of modular shapes, sizes, and styles.

Reasons to choose Luxury Vinyl Tile or Planks:

  • Scratch, stain, and scuff resistance for floors that look newer, and last longer

  • Easy maintenance – less cleaning time and disruption

  • Easy to create unique designs and patterns with a broad palette of coordinated colours

  • Durable, long-lasting performance – withstands heavy foot and rolling load traffic

The show must go on!

We know that when running a business it can be tricky to schedule. So our experienced staff will arrange for your installation at a time that is convenient for you!

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